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Focus, Clarity, Alertness,
Own your Opponent without Caffeine Addition

No Caffeine

Caffeine withdrawal is nasty business and usually starts to happen within six to 24 hours after you quit caffeine, and it can last up to nine days in some cases. Caffeine withdrawal has been shown to occur even in people who have as little as 100 mg per day -- the equivalent of a single six-ounce cup of coffee or only two or three 12-ounce soft drinks -- because caffeine is both physically and mentally addictive. In fact, it’s the most commonly used mood-altering or psychoactive drug in the world. Moderate caffeine use won’t cause withdrawals, but caffeine withdrawal is likely to occur if you drink caffeine on a daily basis and then try to stop using it without any kind of help. This happens because your brain restructures itself to run on caffeine by manipulating its adenosine or fatigue receptors after only about a week of consistent use. Caffeine withdrawal affects people differently depending on how long you use it and how much you use, but most who quit will have some withdrawal symptoms.

Why Gears™

What happens in your brain affects everything you do, think, and feel. It also affects your activity level, mood, and your energy level. When you have your body and mind in order, everything "runs" right.

  • Gears™ will help put you in the right place
  • Gears™ provides the feeling of just waking up in the morning, completely refreshed!
  • NO caffeine or stimulants
  • NO toxic overdose of vitamins or herbal supplements
  • NO feeling of anxiety, panic, or extreme nervousness

The Science of Gears™

Gears™ has been developed using a unique formula that stimulates your brain’s rate of neurotransmitter rejuvenation. The Gears™ blend of physiological molecules is designed to increase focus and clarity, by optimizing the kinetics for ATP (adenosine 5′-triphosphate) production, and the rejuvenation of neurotransmitters in your brain tissue. This creates a favorable equilibrium for your brain, and results in increased mental energy. The result is improved concentration and heightened awareness of your surroundings. The result is a calmer brain and an improved sense of well-being

Best Time for Gears

In the morning after breakfast and after lunch for a great afternoon. Take 1 or 2 Gears™ with water directly after a full meal for maximum effect.


DescriptionCatalog No.Case ofPrice 
Gears004001-Tube $9.99
Table : Precent Productivity verses work hour: Gears: 2 tablets taken at 7 am, Placebo 2 inert tablets at 7 am and Caffeine 1-6 Oz. cup of Coffee 100 mg at 7 am
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