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You have been using our products for over 15 years. You know the quality; you know our reliability, now meet the manufacture, Scigen. We now offer two O.C.T. Compounds and four product configurations. O.C.T. Compound is a water-soluble blend of glycols and resins that provides a convenient specimen matrix for cryostat sectioning at temperatures of -10oC and below. O.C.T. leaves no residue on slides during staining procedure, eliminating undesirable background staining. Dissected tissue, mounted in O.C.T. Compound can be frozen between -20 and -80oC. Developed and optimized for chromogenic IHC experiments. O.C.T. Compound will not dull microtome knives. Bottled in 118 ml (4 Oz.) squeeze bottle 12 or 2 per case
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